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Welcome to my Mego Reproduction Cards Page!


Ive done my best to reproduce the 1975, 1976, 1977, and 1979 Marvel and DC WGSH cards using reference from the originals. They are some of the most accurate reproductions I have seen.


In addition, I have re-formatted Planet of the Apes, Star Trek Aliens, and Dukes of Hazzard cards that can be used in SuperClams!


As my collection grew, I really wanted to display my figures on their original cards. Previously, the big advantage of Boxes over Cards was the ability to display the figure and still take it out to enjoy it! The invention of Super Clams now provides the best of both worlds display your figures on cards *and* be able to open and play!


For those who prefer the complete vintage look, I do offer vintage-style blisters which are almost exactly what Mego used. These blisters must be glued onto the car and do not allow you to remove the figure. The best way to display them is with my DELUXE packaging, which includes a SuperClam and a Blister for the most accurate look!


In addition to all 26 original Superheroes, 10 Planet of the Apes, 4 Dukes of Hazzard and Lion Rock Monster Cards, I have also created a handful of custom cards for my personal collection! See the CUSTOMS


Im really proud of my cards and satisfaction is guaranteed! If you dont like a card send it back and Ill refund your dough!



As you can see, a SuperClam allows you to display a Mego figure on a card similar to a vintage Mego blister, but does not damage the card by forcing you to permanently adhere the blister to the card. Also, it has the added benefit of allowing you to remove the figure whenever you want!


The card is captured inside the SuperClam behind the figure


SuperClams can also be used to protect vintage figures. Here you can see an original Hulk on a faded 1979 Card, with my reproduction Hulk on a 1975 card with Deluxe packaging. By placing a vintage blister inside a SuperClam you can see they look very similar!




I offer 3 different prices depending on how you want to display your figures

Standard Blister = $10

This is the vintage Mego style. You have to adhere the figure to the blister using glue or double-sided tape. This would be an exact reproduction of an original Mego

Standard SuperClam = $10

Instead of permanently placing the figure on the card, you can use the SuperClam instead. It looks very similar to the original figures but allows the benefit of removing the figure!

Deluxe (Clam and Blister) = $12

This is how my entire collection is displayed. By setting a blister inside a SuperClam, it gives the appearance of an original carded figure with the advantage of a clam!

Cards can also be purchased separately for $7 with no blister or SuperClam


Here are pictures of some of my figures mounted on my custom cards in Deluxe packaging.

Click on Picture for Larger Image





      WGSH, Dukes and POTA CARDS individually = $7.00

      WGSH, Dukes and POTA CARDS w/ Standard Blister = $10.00

      WGSH, Dukes and POTA CARDS w/ Standard SuperClam = $10.00

      WGSH, Dukes and POTA CARDS w/ DELUXE (Blister + Clam) = $12.00

                               I.      MAD MONSTER SERIES CARDS - $2.00 from Each.


      If you order 10 cards or more, they are $6.00 ea.

      For Orders over 20 cards, each card is only $5.00 ea.

      All cards are made-to-order, so please allow 1 week for delivery.

      Please add $3.00/card if you want a SuperClam or Vintage-style Blister



      Any minor changes or adjustments to the existing card are FREE!

      I will do any custom Typework for FREE!

      If you have art you would like added to a card, EMAIL me and we can discuss options

      Looking for a 1978 DC Card? I need the character art but Id be happy to do it!


Flat rate shipping of $1 on every order flat card order!*

* Actual shipping charges when ordering with SuperClams or Blisters


I do accept trades! Email me!

Still want boxes? This is the place to go!



    PayPal (albert@albertpenello.com)

      Check or Money Order - Email me! Orders will be held until check clears.