Got Lazy and decided just to put up a plain old page with my Mego Customs and some links. Nothing fancy -- and it's quick and easy. Also have some pictures of my Customs as well as links to better sites.

I should say right away that if you're even MODERATELY interested or nostalgic for Mego toys, you should definitely go to the MEGO MUSEUM. This was the site that got me hooked.

What's a Mego?
This part lifted straight from the Mego Museum FAQ:

"Mego (pronounced Mee-Go) began as a small toy manufacturer in the 1950's, but didn't get into the Action Figure market until 1971. They tapped into the market trying to cash in on the success of Hasbro's GI Joe. They opted for a smaller, less expensive toy. They settled on a new design, the result was 8" of drastic plastic: Action Jackson! Soon after, Mego licensed the rights to various comic book, television, and movie characters, all to varying degrees of success. Their largest mistake, however, came from not licensing a property. In 1977, they were offered toy rights to a little known film called "Star Wars." Kenner Toys ultimately got the rights, and a toy legend was thus created. Mego continued on, and tried to copy the success of Kenner's Star Wars line by introducing figures in both the 3 3/4" scale and the 12" size. None of this seemed to matter, however, and Mego eventually went bankrupt in 1982."

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Kingdom Come Superman



Green Lantern


Dark Knight Batman

Captain Atom

Solomon Grundy

The Flash


Lex Luthor















“Ash” from Evil Dead

The Greatest American Hero

Bill Maxwell from GAH

The Lone Ranger and Tonto


Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker

Jet Jungle

Indiana Jones 


The Bandit


The Rocketeer











Dr Mego

The father of reproduction parts. Dr Mego has near-exact replicas manufactured in China of almost all the major Mego character parts. If you've got a figure missing something, chances are you can get it from Dr. Mego.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans re-sells Dr. Mego reproduction parts, but offers GREAT service and shipping for $1. I would start with Paul before shopping Dr. Mego's site. Hell of a nice guy!

Rebox Your Mego Boxes

Mike makes the best reproduction boxes for most major characters

Mego Store

New site that offers customs and other mego goodies for sale!

Hulks Mego Store

Another great shop for Mego and Classic TV Toys parts and figures

Best reproduction cards you can buy! All the DC and Marvel cards for every year, and some customs!


Mego Museum

Easily the best Mego Site on the web!


Another great Mego resource

3 A-Megos

Very cool site focusing mostly on customs and tips

Mego's for Sale


Shadows at Night


Rare/Variant Megos Page

Site focuses mostly on Mego variants and rare figures

Mego Newsstand

Doesn't appear to be updated in a while, but cool articles.

Mego1's Home Page

Personal fan site dedicated to several Mego lines 

Palitoy's Foreign Mego Archive

Visual collection of mostly foreign release Mego toys

Customs and Others

Custom Mego

A GREAT resource for customizers. Links to sites, patterns, tutorials, etc. Highly recommended

Gallery Of Monster Toys

Not exactly Mego but a great site for classic (and current) monster toys

Dave Mc’s Custom Mego Site

The best site on the web for custom painted heads!