As with any toy line, there are always variations. The most obvious was the change in MASKS that happened for the 1986 line. Many of the old MASKs were re-done with additional plastic that went below the neck, probably to keep them on the figures better or prevent choking. Also, several masks were re-painted for use in different vehicles. Here are a couple examples:




Cliff Dagger's TORCH

Bruce Sato's LIFTER


Matt Trakker's SPECTRUM

Miles Mayhem’s VIPER, RAYNET

Hondo McLeans' BLASTER

Alex Sector’s JACKRABBIT,

DISRUPTOR (Sliver Paint)


Brad Turner’s HOUCS POCUS



Also, I found this variation on the VAMPIRE's trigger switch.

VAMPIRE trigger switch

Here's an interesting Firecracker variation. This is a yellow version from Argentina!

Yellow Firecracker (Argentina)

RATFANG from Lasercommand also uses the same mold as Firecracker

Here are some package variations, many courtesy of the very cool Bryan White. (one of the few guys I know who has every vehicle released!) While the US and European packaging was simiar for the 1st 3 series, the Split Seconds vehicles had different packaging in the US and Europe. There were also some interesting naming differences. Here are some examples:


Barracuda US

Jackal (Barracuda) Europe

Bullet US

Bandit (Bullet) Europe

Bulldog US

Bulldoze (Bulldog) Europe

Detonator US

Detonator Europe

Dynamo US

 Dynamo Europe

Skybolt US

Skybolt Europe

Vandal US

Vandal Europe

Volcano US

Volcano Europe

Once again - the eagle-eyed Bryan White spotted an interesting difference between the US and European M.A.S.K. logos. The logo on the right is the logo for the 1st 3 Series in the US and UK. For the "Split Seconds" line both the US and European logos changed. The US logo change was pretty dramatic (see my Toy page), but in Europe it was much more subtle. I guess the exploding rocket and firing guns were just too violent :)


UK "Split Seconds" LOGO


DC Comics released 2 M.A.S.K lines of comics. The 1st was a 4-part mini-series, followed by a 9 issue run of regular stories. Below are the covers of the 1st 4 books. 

The 4-part series was followed by 9 issues of a regular book. I don't believe this was a mini-series -- so I assume that poor sales caused the line to stop.

Thanks to the collection of Matthew Purdy for the pictures!


The origin of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. were only told in the mini-books that came with the vehicles. Below are the original 3 comics that shipped with the 1st series.
Click on the covers below to read them.

A Kenner standard -- every toy comes with a catalog! I've included the 1st two from the U.S., and the European Split Seconds. I probably won't do the 3rd US one, as it's WAY to big for my scanner. If anyone has a US Split Seconds catalog, let me know!

View 1985 US Catalog (Front) (Back)

Download 1985 US Catalog (576K zip)

View 1985 European Catalog (Front)

Download 1985 European Catalog (576K zip)

View 1986 US Catalog (Front) (Back)

Download 1986 US Catalog (551K zip)

View European Racing Series Catalog (1-sided) (Front)

Download Racing Series Catalog (560K zip)

View European SPLIT SECONDS Catalog (1-sided) (Front)

Download SPLIT SECONDS Catalog (331K zip)