There are some GREAT M.A.S.K. pages out there - Click away!
Want to add yours? Just let me know.

All About Mask

Gordon Hanwald’s very thorough new site. Has the most active M.A.S.K. Message board and Fourm! Covers information about the toys, the series, and lots of other information. Well done.

Matt Trakker's M.A.S.K. Domain

Great M.A.S.K. site. Easy navigation and even has some interviews with people involved with the original show!

Slick's MASK Page

Tom Slick's page is still the best for info on the Toys, the Show, and everything MASK related.

Craig's M.A.S.K. Agent Page

Really nice page layout with information on the show

Cobra Island Toys

Great resource for Transformers, GI Joe and MASK. Has a Transformers Weapon ID that’s great!

Boulder Hill MASK mailing list

A great group of people are still out there enjoying the show. Great place to ask questions about the toys. the show, or just reminisce!

The Virtual Toy Chest

A site that covers toys from the 70s, 80s, and 90s - also has information, pics and info about M.A.S.K. toys and accessories.

Secret Raiders

Zach Schuyler's new MASK page. He's got a really cool look that mimics the show

Boulder Hill

One of my favorite sites. Sean Dwyer has tons of great info and pictures -- a great resource.

MASK Crusaders NL

Joeri Mulers new MASK page in Holland. Another great resource and some cool original stuff!



I frequently get requests about where to buy MASK items.
Here are a couple of places to start

Amazing Heroes

A friend of mine runs this retail/ebay store in Kirkland, Washington. High quality, original items! Great selection of MASK and other vintage toys

Toy Stable

The folks at the Toy Stable are some of the nicest in the hobby. Amazing selection! If you’re ever in Washington you should visit their store – it’s fantastic!


A great site to buy MASK toys! Tell Gerry that Albert from Electronic Arts sent you!


This is the primary place I've collected from. Prices fluctuate, but there are good deals to be had.

All About Mask Forum

M.A.S.K. Message board and Fourm! Has a For Sale section

Online toy dealer that sells vintage 80's toys including M.A.S.K.

Matt's 80's Cartoons

Looking for some M.A.S.K. videos? Here's a place to go. Nice guy runs the site and his prices are fair!.


The M.A.S.K. Webring

This The MASK Webring 
site owned by Albert Penello's MASK Toy Page

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Many people have helped put this site together, so I thought that I would recognize them all here.

·  Matthew Thompson for the Thunderball scans

·  Bryan White (the only guy I know who has EVERY vehicle that was released!) for general information, some package scans, and pointing out some great variations.

·  Tim Gross for his Vor/Tech 2nd gen pictures

·  Zach Schuyler for some scans of manuals because I'm too anal to open my boxes, and for some other cool images.

·  Matthew Purdy for letting me use pictures of his comics

·  The Hitman for the Bulldoze box image

·  Andrew Young for the Bandit box image

·  Jake Mercury for helping me finish my toy collection!

·  Dr. Doke for the MASK Movie #1 Scan

·  Sylvain and Arnaud Heyser for the Mystery Adventure Pack pictures

·  Chris Gray for the Ramp Up scans

·  Javier Pena for several instruction scans and the variation on Firecracker

·  Sven Kratz for the M.A.S.K. theme in .mp3 format!